Monday, September 3, 2012

Bachelor of science project!

Its been a while since i wrote something.. How is everyone doing? 

Listen guys, i need your help here..
You might have heared that i am studying design and this is my final year. For my bachelor of science - final project i am doing a book about digital painting. The book will be targeted at complete beginners who want to get a foot into digital techniques. I will be explaining the very basics and hopefully easy and understandable tricks one can use. I will use my own work for tutorial purposes and will also have a look on different techniques and approaches..

So... Could you please think back to the time when you were a complete newbie when it comes to digital techniques or, maybe you are a newbie right now and can tell me what techniques you find the most interesting/would love to learn how to do, and what impresses you the most. That you dont understand or find hard to figure out. What you wish you knew when you were just starting out? Just some experience of yours! If you have any artists whose (digital) work or technique you find amazing you are welcome to leave a link too! 
I would really love to know and it would help me with my writing!

I will let you know how its coming along!

Have a wonderful day!

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