Friday, July 20, 2012

Social x Factor Seminar

So in my university, where i am currently studying design, i had to take part in some business seminar. The main idea was to locate a problem people encourage when they go out, and find a solution that would pass as a business plan. I did not know what to think of all that, but it turned out fun after all and its kinda amazing what can be done by a couple of students in a week. My team was really upset about people playing with mobile phones all the time so we created a little card game that is supposed to support conversations. There was a lot more to it but i am sort of lazy to write about it all. We called it "Pfui Deifi" which is bavarian for damn devil or something like that. We assumed that there are little devils that force us to be unhappy and look at the phone all the time. I ended up drawing them all, including the mascot for the game. I also designed those cards! It was all done really quick for the prototype.. Maybe some day i will finish them off properly..
 Here it is:

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